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At Nepenthe you get to choose your coffee the way you like it. We not only offer the best single estate coffee from around India but also get to choose the roast profile ofthe coffee you pick. Now isn't that exciting? Here is a little about the different roasting profiles.

Light Roast

Light Roasts retain more of the original flavor of the coffee and reflect more of the natural characteristics that the coffee has to offer. Lighter roasted coffees are sweeter and subtle as the coffee isn't roasted long enough to produce caramelized sugars & are slightly lighter on body. 

Medium Roast

Post the first Crack the beans begin to develop  further and change flavor, with a slightly oily surface. The delicate nuanced flavors are still evident and the acidity in the coffee decreases. The flavors are well rounded and the body is medium.

Dark Roast

When the coffee goes beyond the first crack into the second, the coffee becomes darker in color. The flavors are bolder and less delicate. The coffee tastes slightly "stronger" as a lot of the sugar gets caramelized and the sweetness reduces.

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