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Single Estate  

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Single Estate Specialty Coffee


We began as 'Coffee philosophy' in Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia. Abhishek Shah, the founder started his journey as a barista in 2008 to opening his own roasterie in Melbourne in 2011.


During his visit to India, Abhishek realized that coffee lovers needed something more than filter and instant coffee. His passion for a good cup of coffee motivated him to custom process each batch of coffee beans alongside the farmers and to fabricate his own proprietary roaster with fluid bed technology.


With a constant effort to innovate, create and revolutionize the third wave coffee culture in India, as we strive to make Indian specialty coffee enjoyable, popular and accessible. 


For us, coffee quality is more than just the flavor in the cup. We process the coffee beans along with the farmers; roast in small batches, cup, and test each blend for consistently amazing coffee. 

Indian coffee is known to offer intriguing subtle flavors and stimulating intensity, with the only country in the world that grows coffee under shade resulting in exotic full-bodied taste.  Our Single estate coffees and our Blends are sourced from the finest coffee farms, India has to offer.


Our pursuit for excellence, led us down a journey to discover, innovate and recreate the way coffee is roasted. We began a project to build a coffee roaster on a completely new fundamental, pushing the boundaries and redefining the coffee roasting experience.

It took us 3 years and 46 revisions to​ finally be satisfied with a roaster that is Eco friendly, automatic and capable of producing coffee that is low on acidity and brings out its true character.

About Us

Each coffee cup needs to be a delightful experience for the consumer which needs expertise in the bean to cup journey right from the cherry harvesting, processing, coffee beans roasting & finally brewing. We pride ourselves on providing amazing specialty coffee to over 50 cafes and bars. We partner with people who have a long-term focus and commitment to providing great coffee.

Our partnership goes beyond just supplying coffee beans. We work with our partners to understand what they want and customise each lot to provide consistent quality coffee. The last gatekeeper to the journey, we provide the baristas in-depth training to pull the perfect espresso shot. We also help our partners in business planning and expansion as we believe that our partner's success is our success and flows to the farmers. 




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